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help, which included making the gymnasium look appropriate for the occasion. the town of Colebrook painted the gym and with materials provided by The Balsams the gym was transformed into a fitting memorial room. Loudspeakers broadcast the words of several speakers, including two men of the cloth, the Reverend Oliver Northcott and Father Albert Bellefeville, as well as New Hampshire State Police Colonel John Barthelmes
     In the crowd on that sweltering August day, was a 23 year old rookie Police Officer from the town of Epsom, New Hampshire named Jeremy Charron. He came to pay his respects to the fallen Troopers despite the fact that he had to work the night shift later that same day. 
  More Senseless Killing   Officer Charron returned to his town and went about doing his job. Fresh out of the academy and not long out of the United States Marine Corps, Officer Charron when about his patrol in a diligent manner. He stopped at a local swimming hole to investigate a suspicious car parked there late at night. On his second trip to the vehicle, one of the two men (out on parole) exited the car and produced a pistol and immediately began to shoot at Officer Charron. A gun battle ensued and Officer Charron was killed. The murdererous pair fled and abandoned their car nearby, where they then stole a pickup truck and traveled north, up Interstate 93. 
     Not content with what they had done, this duo then robbed a gas station at gun point and continued further north. Toward the coverage area of Troop F. 
     By this time, the Troopers of New 
Hampshire's Troop F, themselves emotionally and physically tired from the funeral they had all attended for their two brothers, were advised of what was headed their way. They joined officers from the Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire Police Departments as the chase continued north up the Interstate. The occupants of the pickup fired upon the officers in their attempt to get away. One of the Officers from Lincoln struck the pickup truck's gas tank and bell housing of the rear axle. it is not clear if they were running out of gas or if the vehicle was malfunctioning, but he truck went into the grassy median. Officers on scene believed that they were trying to traverse the Interstate in an effort to flee on foot. Luckily, the truck struck a tree trunk obscured from view by the tall grass and their flight was halted. 
     Their truck crashed into the grassy median just south of Littleton. One suspect exited the truck with a handgun that he dropped when ordered, and was immediately arrested. The driver fled into the tall grass an d thick median shrubbery. Despite great personal risk, and despite the enormous physical and emotional stress they were under, the Troopers from Troop F along with several other officers now present, did a line search where they located and took the other man into custody without further bloodshed. 
     Kevin Paul, is accused of robbing the gas station and was the passenger in the truck. The operator of the truck, Gordon Perry, is accused of killing Officer Charron. They await trial. 
     The State of New Hampshire has Capital Punishment for those convicted of the murder of a Police Officer. 
     Officer Charron was buried in the 
town of Hillsborough, New Hampshire. An enormous group of Law Enforcement Officers came to pay their respects to Officer Charron, and the townspeople lined the streets in respect to watch a seemingly endless line of uniforms march past. For the second time in a week, a community said good bye to a fallen law enforcement officer.

The Aftermath

  Officer Charron was single and had no children. Both Troopers Lord and Phillips were married and both had children. Trooper Lord is survived by his wife, Beverly and two adult sons Corey, age 19 and Shawn, age 21. Trooper Phillips is survived by his wife, Christine, and two very young children, a son, Keenan, age 3 and a daughter, Clancy, age 8 months. Trust Funds have been set up for those who may wish to contribute to the individual families of either of these Troopers. 
     If you wish to send a donation to either of these funds, address your correspondence to either the : Trooper Scott E. Phillips Fund or the Trooper Leslie G. Lord Fund at First Colebrook Bank, c/o Rosemary Mulliken, P.O. Box 88, Colebrook, NH 03576. 

Editor's Note:

New Hampshire Troopers AssociationSpecial thanks to Corporal Mike Doucette, of New Hampshire State Police Troop F. Mike is also the editor of the New Hampshire Trooper and his assistance was invaluable in preparing this issue.

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