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CPOV was started in 1996, by a nucleus of concerned Vermont Peace Officers. CPOV is an acronym for Christian Peace Officers of Vermont. We are made up of Christian Peace Officers from all areas of the Criminal Justice System. Like our National Affiliate we join together for the following main purposes:  There is a special relationship among those in the Criminal Justice System, especially with those who are Believers. We enjoy a camaraderie which cannot be imitated by anyone outside our unique profession. Amen! Because of this special relationship we are often provided with opportunities to share our faith in a responsible and proper manner.

It is also a truism that many in the general public do not share this special relationship with us. CPOV provides the support to help us bridge this gap and make it through those tough times and cases out there on the frontline when no one else cares.

With the way this world is going out there on the streets today you are going to need a Spiritual balance and CPOV in your life even more!

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