"The Plan" (God's Honest Truth!)    

While this is a Special Message to LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers), It applies to ALL of us, so YOU are Welcome also!

I am not pushing or selling you anything here. What you do with this is purely your choice and conviction. I don't want you to join my church and I don't want your money.  I just want to know that should one of my brothers or sisters in Law Enforcement makes the "Ultimate Sacrifice" today or otherwise be taken off the face of this Earth, that you know where you will be spending Eternity.

As we know in Life, especially in Law Enforcement, we make choices, some good, some  bad. With choice comes responsibility. Either way we are responsible and in the final end the consequences come accordingly. This will be thee most important choice of your life here on earth and thereafter!

Basically, the Bible speaks about a Simple Plan of Salvation - The Truth is this: