"Never Again "  

In Memory of:
Ruth Evelyn (Holmes) Harris

Mother, Grandmother, Great
Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Friend

~ Taken from us on December 17, 2000 ~

As I watched her silently
I couldn't believe
That she left me
And the world behind.

She would not move
Not a single breath
Would escape
Her lifeless body.

I hugged her gently
Hoping she would
Hug me back
And say those three words
I loved to hear.

She gave so much, but
Never asked anything
In return; but
I gave her all
The love I could.

The world now seemed
As if
It was made of mist, and
That I was lost.

I would never feel
Her strong firm hugs
Pulling my body
Towards her soft
Warm chest.

I would never taste
The cookies that she baked
Or the fresh apple pie made
With perfectly
Cut apples.

I would never sleep
In her nice warm house
Or be able to watch
The Hillbillies or Jeopardy
With her in her favorite chair.

Of all those times of
Laughter and times of sadness
That I've shared with her
I'll never forget them...
Or her ... I love you, Grammie.


Laura Harris

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright December 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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