Missing or Expoited Children - The Shame of America!

The song playing is "The Theme from Missing" It is a very sad song, but does set the appropriate
mood for us to view those once happy faces of the victims pictured below. You may adjust the
volume, save this "midi file" or turn the sound off here.    
   Please pray for their return?

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This Java Applet Banner will run continuously, displaying the 13 Missing Children Alert Cases. Clicking on the photograph will bring up the Alert
Page with more information, and the ability to print posters. Clicking 
on the Marquee Message will connect to the NCMEC home page. 
This Missing Children's Ring site is owned by Terrance D. Martin
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Newest Missing Alerts

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The Vermont State Police Seek Information

Shawn Hornbeck - Search and Rescue

Here are a few more links that I have found helpful to our cause:

Help me find my children.

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