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Rear stairs of the White House
Where do they put the tall Troops?

In appreciation for being a part of his Security Detail.

With President Reagan in the Rose Room of the White
House Where am I?  In the last row - right side of the book case.

Gene Doulliard, Steve Kennedy, Senator Leahy, Me, & Dan Davis

Steve Kennedy, Senator Leahy and Me - Capitol Steps

1989 Ford LTD - My first Ford!
1987-1993 - Crime Prevention/Public Information
Troop "D" - Brattleboro & Rockingham

1974 Plymouth Satellite with a Mopar 440
Photo taken on the square in Rochester
1973-1977 - Rochester Outpost
Troop "D" - Bethel
1947 Ford, 85 hp flathead V-8 - Parade in Brattleboro, VT
Well, I did drive another Ford, but it wasn't in '47 !
Andy Andrews - Nashville Comedian and Your's Truly!
Andy, knock off the joking. I'm trying to be serious here!

The Late Scott Brayton and me - A Real Mentor
"The Official Site of Scott Brayton"

Hasta la vista, BABY!! - 1992 Indy Lights Champion
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