Brattleboro Little League - 1955      
I hope you enjoy just "a touch of history" here and on the following pages. Not all the games are here, but there is at least one posting, by date, of all the teams!

I apologize for the not so clear scans, but these are from the archives, but I do want to thank my Mother for saving these moments  in Brattleboro History and especially in my life. 

They were clipped from the Brattleboro Reformer. Special thanks also goes to Ken Campbell, the best area Sports Photographer.

In 1955, we continued, for our last year to play at the old Fairgrounds field off the Fairgrounds Road (Guess some of you may have wondered why they called the road that? - Well, now you know.)

The fields was located behind (south) of the High School where the Middle School and tennis courts are now located. You can see the High School in the background.

It was flat, had a wooden backstop with wire and there was no outfield fence. When you hit the ball into the outfield with any force, it would travel and travel and roll and roll, well, you get my drift here. Needless to say, good, fast outfielders with a strong arm were needed!

Over Lee's right shoulder is the High School football field and track.

Above - the year started with the traditional toss of the first ball by Jim Galanes, strong foundation of Galanes' Store in down town Brattleboro. 

To the left - in the background again, you can see the High School, the parking lot, and houses on Atwood Street where the Mannings and Whites lived.

This side of the picture, as you are looking at it, there was one small section of bleachers to sit on.

Remember Mr. Mariani?  Lived down on Frost Street, just west of the lumber yard. Man, whether he called a strike or a ball you could here him all the way to Fort Dummer and you didn't argue with him!

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